🎮📱TETRIS GAME (Flutter)

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Flutter Tetris Game Guide

This guide will help you understand the Tetris game code written in Flutter. The game consists of a grid where Tetromino pieces appear and fall. The player can move and rotate the pieces to fit them together. The goal is to create full horizontal lines, which will then clear and grant points.

1. Imports

This game uses no 3rd party packages, it is built purely in Flutter. Some basic dart packages were used.

2. Game board dimensions and initialization

The game board dimensions are defined by rowLength and colLength. The gameBoard is a 2D list that represents the game grid.

3. Variables

The game has a few moving parts. The current piece, the current score, and if the game is over or not.

You can change the colors of the pieces here if you like!

4. Start Game!

initState() is called when the StatefulWidget is created. It initializes the game by calling the startGame() method.

5. Game Loop

The dart:math package imported at the beginning allows us to use a timer! This timer goes through each frame and makes the game move forward.

5. Player Controls

The following methods allow the player to move and rotate the current piece:

  • moveLeft(): Moves the current piece to the left.
  • moveRight(): Moves the current piece to the right.
  • rotatePiece(): Rotates the current piece.

6. UI

The build() method creates the game UI, which consists of a grid, score display, and control buttons.

Hope you enjoy the code and the game!

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🎮📱TETRIS GAME (Flutter)

3 ratings
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