🎓📱 Flutter Masterclass: Beginner to Pro


This is 5 years of my learning and experience as an app developer condensed into a 10 hour course ❤️ This is for anyone who wants to become an app developer, no matter what level you are. This masterclass will start from the very beginning to making your own production-ready apps for iOS / Android / web /.. using Flutter - a cross platform tool that makes it easy to build apps once and deploy them on any platform.

🎓 Zero Programming Experience Required

This course is designed to teach you from the very beginning, so you do not need to have any programming/coding experience - the course will begin with the basic programming fundamentals to get you up to speed. If you've got Flutter ready on your computer, you're all set. In just 10 hours with Mitch, you'll go from beginner to making your own apps.

📚 Course Structure (10 hrs)

The class has two parts. The first part is for beginner level, and the second part is for intermediate/pro level. We will be coding all sorts of different apps to make you a well rounded and versatile developer.

💾 Full Source Code (9 apps)

You will be able to download the full code to all apps made in this course.

✔️📱 Todo App

✏️📱 Minimal Notes App

👟📱 Sneaker Shop App

💰📱 Minimal Ecommerce App

👊🏽📱 Habit Tracker App

💳📱 Expense Tracker App

🎧📱 Music Player App

💬📱 Minimal Chat App

🥷🏽📱 Minimal Social Media App

📱 P A R T 1 - B E G I N N E R

  1. Programming Fundamentals
  2. Everything is a Widget!
  3. Navigation
  4. Stateful vs Stateless
  5. User Input
  6. Todo app
  7. Nike Sneaker Shop UI

📱 P A R T 2 - I N T E R M E D I A T E / P R O

  1. Themes - Light / Dark Mode
  2. Simple State Management - Provider
  3. Advanced UI - Ecommerce App with Cart
  4. Null Safety - Programming
  5. Database
    • Offline Database / Device Local Storage (Isar)
      • Note app
      • Habit Tracker
    • Authentication (Firebase)
    • Online Database (Firebase)
      • CRUD: Create / Read / Update / Delete
      • Social Media App
      • Chat App
  6. Use APIs / Http requests
    • Weather App
    • NBA app
  7. Notifications
    • iOS - onesignal
    • Android - Firebase
  8. Responsive Design
  9. Music Player App

By the end, you'll be ready to make your own apps. Remember, practice makes perfect. Start with small projects and keep going. Welcome to the Flutter Masterclass – your first step into making apps. Good luck! ❤️

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🖥 Full Video Course
10 hrs
💾 Full Source Code
9 apps
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🎓📱 Flutter Masterclass: Beginner to Pro

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